Welcome to the 2024 ARCANNABIS CUP presented by Arcannabis Store.

Welcome to the 2024 Arcannabis Cup, proudly presented by Arcannabis Store! We are thrilled to welcome you back to the fourth edition of the Arcannabis Cup tournament, promising an experience like no other. This year marks a significant evolution as we merge our established rules with the time-honored traditions of the cannabis cup. The synergy of these elements is set to elevate the competition and bring you a unique and unforgettable event. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and details about the innovative twists that will make this tournament stand out from our previous editions.

A special congratulations to the 2023 champions, HIGH QUADZ, for their remarkable achievement, as well as our second-place winners, Camp River Cannabis. Their dedication and excellence have set a high standard for this year’s competition, and we can’t wait to see who will rise to the occasion in 2024!

Get ready to showcase the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation at this year’s Arcannabis Cup! We are thrilled to invite licensed flower producers and brands to register for the ultimate celebration of excellence in the cannabis industry. With a limited capacity of 64 participants, this exclusive event ensures a focused and competitive environment where only the best can shine. If you’re a licensed cultivator or brand looking to elevate your reputation and join an elite group of industry leaders, don’t miss this opportunity. Register now to secure your spot at the Arcannabis Cup and position yourself among the top-tier contributors to the world of premium cannabis. Let your exceptional products be recognized and celebrated on a platform dedicated to honoring excellence in the art of cultivation.



In a remarkable ascent to prominence, High Quadz, the trailblazing cannabis brand that officially entered the legal market in 2022, has emerged as the undisputed champion of the 2023 Arcannabis Cup. With an impressive presence in two provinces and a lineup featuring renowned strains such as Velvet Glove and Chatter Box, High Quadz has become synonymous with delivering an authentic and unparalleled cannabis experience. Mark May, the visionary owner of High Quadz, has been instrumental in curating a collection that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts, earning the brand widespread acclaim.

The victory at the 2023 Arcannabis Cup stands as a testament to High Quadz’s commitment to quality and innovation, solidifying its position as a leader in the dynamic and evolving cannabis market. The resounding endorsement from the people, who have not only spoken but also voted in favor of High Quadz, reinforces its status as the premier choice for connoisseurs seeking the true essence of high-quality cannabis.